Purchase Land & Financial Prequalification


We recommend getting approved for a construction loan. Some of our lenders are able to lock in the permanent loan rate for 12 months, depending on the program you choose. Our clients are encouraged to use one of our preferred lenders for prequalification and a construction loan as they are familiar with our budgets, construction pace, and have proven to fund on time.
For a $1 M Loan a Residential Construction Lender Typically Looks For:
FICO scores of 720 or above
Approx. $250 – $300K of taxable income for 2 of the most recent tax years
Cash reserves of approx. $100K
Debt to Income Ratio 45% or less Equity into the project 25% or more
Subject to change based on construction costing and individual financial positions

Designing Your Home


1. Custom Client Initial Meeting
2. Client Financial Prequalification
3. Preperation of Cost Estimate
4. Review of Cost Estimate
5. Signing of Design Retainer Agreement
6. Architectual Review Meetings
7. Finalize Plans & Specifications

Building Your Home


1. Signing of Construction Contract
2. Start Home Construction
3. Complete Home Construction
4. Customer Service


1. Client Architectural Selection Meetings
2. Completion of Working Drawings
3. HOA Submittal & Approvals
4. City Planning Submittals & Approvals
5. City/County Permit Submittal


Due Date
Selection Date
0 weeks from the start
2 weeks from the start
Plumbing Valves
3 weeks from the start
Exterior Doors
4 weeks from the start
Plumbing Fixtures, Appliances
5 weeks from the start
Exterior Doors, Pool & Spa
6 weeks from the start
Windows, HVAC, Fireplaces, Roof, Cabinets
8 weeks from the start
Interior Doors, Stucco, Insulation, Garage
Due Date
Selection Date
10 weeks from the start
Tile, Granite, Stone, Drywall, Electrical Fixtures, Solatubes/Skylight
12 weeks from the start
Painting, Finish Carpentry, Drains & Hardscape, Raingutters
15 weeks from the start
Wood Floors
20 weeks from the start
28 weeks from the start